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The Real Life Magic Of The Self-Driving Car

Google test their self-driving car

You might have noticed that I’ve written quite a few car pieces recently. I assure you, this isn’t because I’m particularly interested in anything on four wheels (I can’t drive), but because some of the most exciting and futuristic technological innovation right now is happening on the road.

But this one is the icing on the cake. A number of leading companies, spearheaded by Google, are working at breakneck speed to create self-driving cars. That’s right, cars that drive themselves. There are a couple of different methods, but the most promising involves a rotating camera strapped to the roof, which creates a constantly updated 3D image of the traffic all around it. This allows it to perfectly follow the rules of the road, almost never make a mistake or crash into another vehicle, and always stick to the speed limit.

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