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Mantra: live as much as you can in the short time we're on this awesome planet, but try to leave our shared home as nice as when you arrived, perhaps even nicer.

Reassociating Databases in Vagrant


After using local development stacks like Wamp, Lamp and Mamp, I found myself frustrated by the numerous times that they would buckle and break under my use.  This may have been due to carelessness, but regardless, I found myself looking for more.  I discovered Vagrant and the idea of creating virtual environments so that breakages could be more easily contained and the possibility of accessing my virtual environments on multiple machines seemed a better way forward. Continue reading

Is Security A Sensation Of Selfishness

It never fails to impress upon me that there are people, and organisations out there that just want to find and exploit holes in systems and processes.  Not with the intention of advising that there are better, more efficient ways of doing things, to improve the services or concepts of another.  No, their goal and ambition appears to be to capitalise on the found weakness and do what they can to cause damage, driven by a sense of ego or financial reward.  It just makes one wonder how people can be like that.  It is possible to understand and sympathise that there are people living very poor economic conditions, with little in the way of independence, financial security and other common privileges to which I have the freedoms to enjoy.  However, we produce industries and businesses to protect us from ourselves and our neighbours, while so many people suffer unnecessarily.

One ponders, would it not be more sensible to create a situation in which we are working on improving our society and so called civilisation, rather than constantly looking to pull it down at every given opportunity?  We have choices to improve our lives and the lives of people that we encounter, influence and engage with, and the decisions we make on a daily basis support those choices.  Why not think about the impact and influence one has as an individual and make a step towards greater good?

The Choices We Make

Well having spent a good portion of my life abstaining from eating meat, exercising and doing a range of the things that I understood to be beneficial not just to me, but to the planet and the other weird and wonderful things that I get to share this world with.  For the most part, I confess this does make me feel a little better about being me, but there really are some things that can cause life to feel less easy.

Sara and I recently decided that we would try and clear up a couple of persistent health issues, nothing life threatening, but a couple of skin issues that have been lingering for longer than they should in a healthy environment.  Our first trial is that we are trying a massive reduction in sugars in the forms of refined, and fruit sources.  It is a variation on a Anti- Candida diet, which proclaims the wisdom of health in the concept that many things inside the body are fuelled by sugars and in excess the sugars can create mega monsters that rampage in our internal parts creating destruction and mayhem in their path, or something like that anyhow!

Assuming that the skin issues are based on this evil sugar overload, we are hoping to see improvements within three weeks.  The only problem with that is that we have to maintain this for three weeks!  I don’t know how many of you regular do these kinds of limited diets, but this one will be a challenge, as we are also having no refined fats, except coconut fat, as this is supposed to offer some benefits in clearing candida, little wheat and grains, no animal products, and as much raw as possible, all of which will be organic!  I know, not easy huh! 🙂

I have pursued some strange limited diet trends in my die, not from a specific basis of health to clear a condition, even if I do have to avoid nuts and some seeds if I want to avoid mouth ulcers, so this feels a different challenge, something more superficial in a sense, but one in which I am happy to continue with as I enjoy testing myself, my will power and discover how different things make me feel.

So far, my diet has fallen on a huge dependency on Kallo Salted Ricecakes.  These provide the much required convenience necessary during my day of work in the office.  Dinner is usually a more interesting salad affair.  However, a couple of evenings ago, we did a raw broccoli sauce for the salad, and we did A LOT of salad.  The resulting mass was not particular tasty, and not being one to waste have been trying to work my way through it.  It has been interesting, and I am grateful that this will be done tonight, and I can start on something else, other than ricecakes!! 🙂

Please let me know if you’ve ever tried a really restrictive diet, and what kept you on the path of success?

Energy Efficiency On An Island

We are still in Maui, enjoying the remains of our honeymoon and as we move through our journey here we have been struck by a number of things. Here are some of our observations:

  • As the islands here are pretty isolated there is a greater impact to the cost of living when compared to other US states. Energy costs per kWh in Maui are around 29 cents, while mainland US costs are about 12 cents per kWh. Please look at some other information provided by Hawaii Energy.
  • There is a wealth of food here that seems that is does not get eaten. We have passed endless amounts of wild guava, coconut, avocado trees to name but a few of the ones that we recognise.
  • Mosquitoes inhabit most tropical areas of the north shore and the forests around Hana. It is said that the mosquitoes arrived in Lahaina when some upset foreign sailors sent a barrel down a river there that was contaminated with eggs and larvae.
  • The roads around the west mountain and the south side of the east mountain can be quite unpleasant to drive. This is primarily due to some very high elevation, with very narrow roads. However, the views are astounding and are highly recommended.
  • Organic and Vegan lifestyles are very easy to maintain here and there is a lot of people that make conscious choices in the dietary choices.
  • There appear to be a lot of active people here, with many joggers, cyclists, walkers, hikers, swimmers, surfers, paddle boarders, windsurfers, skateboarders, etc. This applies to all ages.

Overall, a chance to visit Maui should be passed over only if you have a very significant reason.

If you’ve been please let us know your impressions.