Go Go Eco-Gadget!

Gadget. A word which conjures up images of James Bond, hi-tech nano-machines and stylish smartphones. Eco-gadget. A word which conjures up images of… a potato clock?

It has to be said that eco-gadgets aren’t what most think of when they want to kit themselves out with the latest gear. But perhaps they should be.

Now I know gadgets are often just seen as novelty devices, about as useful as a milk cart in a drag race, that break after two minutes. But that’s not what eco-gadgets are about. They’re about real insights with uses applicable in our everyday lives. Things that make life easier, quicker, cheaper and above all greener. Eco-gadgets are a sub-group of gadgets that either use renewable energy sources or reduce your reliance on nonrenewable energy sources like electricity. This can be anything from a wind-up torch to a solar panel, coming in various sizes and prices. And they can be quite good.

Firstly, while I know the ‘eco’ here stands for eco-friendly, it may as well mean economical friendly. One of the main benefits of eco-gadgets is their money saving. Relying on free sources like the sun instead of electricity means your energy bills will make a lot nicer reading every month. Some eco-toys can even make you money through government incentives. Did you know that if your solar panels that power your house created a surplus, you could sell this energy back to the government? Not bad.

What about the feeling of saving the environment? Whilst not one of the main reasons you’ll be picking up that geothermal toothbrush, it is certainly part of the charm of eco-gadgets. Just think of that smug look you can give your mates whilst they’re over, “Oh, you still use batteries? How quaint”. And if worst comes to worst and global warming does sweep in, at least you can pad through the dystopian wasteland, searching for sustenance with a clean conscience.

I’d like to end this post with some examples of eco-gadgets I’ve found that prove my point. Listed below are two types of eco-gadget that show exactly why everyone should be jumping on the eco-bandwagon.

Energy Saving Plugs

I’m sure we’ve all heard the fact that appliances on standby still consume 80% power and if you haven’t… did you know that your appliances, even if left on standby still consume a whopping 80% of their power? Luckily these little beauties have the solution. Now whenever you turn off your TV, computer or other appliance, this plug will kick in insuring that if remains fully off until you need it again, without you having to do as much as bend down. Swish!

Solar Chargers

Mobile devices are how many people experience life in the 21st century. Taking a picture with their camera, tweeting about it on their phone all whilst listening to Bruno Mars on their mp3 player. Keeping this myriad of machines charged is another matter however. Solar chargers are pretty much what they sound like, a device that lets you charge things from sunlight. Simply pop one of these suckers on the windowsill and let our galaxy’s favorite star do the rest of the work! Not only will this save you a shed load of money but will also allow you to charge out and about, whether you’re camping or abroad (saves on those easy to lose foreign plug adapters too)!

So there you are, eco-gadgets in all their glory. Now get out there and get green!

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I consider myself something of an eco-warrior, fighting the good fight wherever I find it. My interests include watching Yeovil Town attempt to play football, going to gigs and talking about Yeovil Town attempting to play football and going to gigs. A simple fella all in all, I try to live my life to three simple ideals: Radiohead are amazing, sandals are rubbish and being eco-friendly is the bees knees.

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