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I Want to Send My Customer a “Your Item Has Been Shipped” Email Using VirtueMart 2.0

The Situation

You’ve received a customer order, processed the order and posted it off to your excited customer.  To keep your customer up to date, you want to send them an email to let them know that their order has been dispatched and is on it’s way.

The easiest way to do this is to send a “Your order has been shipped” email, along with all the relevant details.

VirtueMart can do this for you.

The Solution

Go to Components -> VirtueMart

Click on Orders

Find the order that has been dispatched/sent to the customer, and change the dropdown dox for that order from Confirmed to Shipped.
VirtueMart order confirmed
VirtueMart order shipped


Push the Update Order Status button in the top right hand corner (looks identical to a normal Save button) to send the email to your customer.

Note: To send the “Your order has been shipped” email to your customer, make sure the appropriate “Notify Shopper” box (see below) is ticked (this should be ticked by default).

VirtueMart notify shopper

It is always recommended to do a test run to see how your automated email appears, and if it contains all the information that you would like it to.

Alternatively, if you want an easy solution I’d recommend ARTIO’s VirtueMart Email and PDF “Your Item Has Been Shipped” Generator which makes sending delivery or shipment notes as easy as pie.  It’s also great for tailoring your delivery/shipment template to look the way you want, as it uses a standard Joomla editor (same as you would use for normal Joomla articles) and therefore there’s no need to get your hands dirty with back end code.

If you get stuck, or have any questions just pop your comment below or contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

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