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How to Create a Post in WordPress (Contributor Role)

Log Into WordPress

How to log into WordPress

How to Create a New Post

Go to Posts -> Add New

Create a new post


How to Write Your Article

Add a title: Add a title

Write your article:

Write your article

You can create hyperlinks to other websites by highlighting a piece of text and clicking the “Link” button.  Enter in the relevant details, a descriptive title and tick the “Open link in a new window/tab” box.  Click “Add Link”.

You can Save your work at any time by pushing the Save Draft button, or you can see what your article will look like using the Preview button.

Save draft


Useful Tips and Tricks

There is an inbuilt word counter at the bottom left of the article window.  This wordcount will update every time the article is saved or autosaved.

Check your word count

You can show or hide extra editor buttons by clicking the button on the top right bar of the article (editor) window.  If you hover over the button the hover tip below should be seen:

Show extra editor buttons

On the right hand side, untick the “Uncategorized” box and instead tick all the categories that your article applies to:

Select all categories that your article applies to

Tweak your URL by clicking the “Edit” button that is above the main article/content area.  Make sure that the URL describes accurately what your article covers and then push “OK”.

Note: you will only have access to do this after you have pushed the Save Draft button.

Edit your article URL

Once you’re happy with how it all looks, push the magical “Submit for Review” button.

Save draft

Nice job!  Now you can kick back with a nice hot mug of cocoa (winter), or cool refreshing glass of organic lemonade (summer).


Sara Thornton

Sara is WebHolism's SEO Guide and Trainer. She's the one you'll see in all our YouTube videos, and helping folks out with their SEO queries on social media. She runs the fabulous SEO Clarity Club which teaches women how to do their own SEO. In her spare time she loves board games, and splashing around in the sea.

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