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Ethical SEO By WebHolism

As an ethical and green business, our Ethical SEO services promote methodologies that will strengthen your product or service online, and ensure that your website's reputation grows in stable and positive manner. We do not employ quick-win solutions that may cause your website harm in the future, but instead use ethical techniques that emphasise the benefits of what you have to offer today, and in the future.

We guarantee increased rankings as a result of our Ethical SEO,
and we proudly support our guarantee with a full refund.
Please note: miracles don't happen overnight, so we need 6 months (on average) for significant results.

Ethical SEO Tips for Beginners


Our Ethical SEO Services

To get started, simply visit our contact page and fill in your details, call us on 0800 228 9663, or contact us on Skype (our username is webholism).

We'll carry out a complimentary basic SEO analysis to establish the current health of your website.  Once complete, we'll contact you to discuss the results of the complimentary SEO analysis.

If you are happy to proceed, we will begin our 
Ethical SEO project process which includes the following:
    • Business goal review: to ascertain what you would like to achieve through SEO (sales, leads, newsletter signups, etc), so that we can tailor our SEO approach accordingly.
    • Advanced website health check which includes:
      • Website errors and warnings.
      • URL structure.
      • Page speed.
      • Page quality.
      • Bounce rate.
      • Server analysis.
      • User journeys (SEO will only get people to your website, however if the user can't navigate easily, or find what they want, this will impact bounce rates, goal conversions and more).
      • Mobile and tablet user experiences.
    • Address and resolve any website errors or warnings that impact SEO (404 errors, duplicate content, duplicate meta data, etc).
    • Implement appropriate monitoring such as Google Analytics Goals and AdWords Conversions.
    • Advanced keyword research.
    • Confirm keyword options that are likely to perform well, as well as reflect your site's content, your services and/or products.
    • Competitor analysis.
    • Mind Map Creation (used to visually map keywords to individual web pages on your website, and to also highlight content gaps).
    • Content re-writes to optimise SEO relevant content and proofreading (spelling, grammar, layout, etc) (pending approval with you, if desired).
    • URL optimisation.
    • Page optimisation (image optimisation, meta data optimisation, link optimisation, page speed improvement, website structure and functionality analysis).
    • Ethical link building from good quality, relevant websites, and recommendations on how to proceed with natural and ethical link building for the future.
    • Online reputation management, including recommendations on how you can monitor this going forward.

    Depending on the size of your website (and your business), the above work can take
    from 2 weeks (for small websites) to 6 months (for larger websites) to complete.  Long projects will include regular updates so that you are kept informed of the project progress. 

    At the end of the project you will receive a detailed report which covers our findings and recommendations, with executive summaries for easy digestion.

    Optional Monthly Extras

    Once your SEO project is complete, we offer the following services on a monthly basis to complement your SEO and help keep it on track:

      • Online reputation management.
      • Monthly tailored SEO reports to easily monitor your SEO progress, to help understand how your visitors interact with your website, and to help keep on top of any new SEO items which may crop up in the future.  The reports can include: keyword ranking, analysis of web page activity, number of visitors, popular keywords used by visitors, geographical locations of visitors, gender and age of visitors, competitor analysis, social media reports and more, all gathered into a tidy, monthly report which is delivered straight to your inbox.
      • Continuous SEO maintenance of your website, using ethical, industry-trusted techniques.

      The Optional Monthly Extras can be paused and resumed whenever you wish. We don't believe in committing people to long-term contracts.
      We understand that circumstances can change, and respect this by giving you the freedom to pause or stop a monthly service with us if you ever need to.


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      Ethical SEO Prices

      From £750 (includes Green Business discount)

      In order to make our Ethical SEO accessible to all, we offer packages to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes, from Start-Ups to Corporations.

      Contact us for a quick and easy personalised quote.


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