A Selection of Testimonials From the Past Few Years

I just wanted to say separately how pleased I am with the website. It literally is one of the most visually stunning sites I've ever seen.. The more I view it the more I fall in love. I'm sure we might come across a few small tweaks in the next few weeks but this is a very solid product. I'm so happy the SH404 nightmare lead me to you :)

Jeff, Caimeiju. June 2015. SEO and Website Development.

OMG this is awesome!!! You have far exceeded my expectations! I am so happy with the site and have had great feedback.

Carole Ann, Pure Coaching Academy. May 2015. SEO and Website Development.

It's always so good to know that I have you to help me - I really appreciate how much you put into my websites.

Jennie, Jennie Bayliss. May 2015. SEO and Website Development.

We have been really happy with the service you have provided over the years since you first developed our website.

Emma, Green Flowers Florist. April 2015. Website Development.

P.s I am still completely in love with my website :)

Rhiannon, Acorn Creative. February 2015. Website Development.

I’m delighted with how the website works, it’s really clean and easy to navigate.

Philippa, Acorn Health. November 2014. Website Development.

Can I just say how impressed I am with the design! Thank you

Rhiannon, Acorn Creative. October 2014. Website Development.

I thought I would approach you, to get a quote [on behalf of a friend] because your products are always beautifully done and your customer service is impeccable :-) Honestly, I have worked on a couple of web designs before and therefore had to work with web developers, but none of them compare to your company - so very good!

Claire, Claire Kirkham Photography. October 2014. Website Development.

BTW its amazing how it looks the site!!!

Fernando, Jardín Orgánico. April 2014. Website Development and AdWords.

We LOVE the website.

Sahar, PEN International. April 2014. Website Development.

Thanks very much for working with us for such a long time on this project – we really appreciate how flexible and understanding you’ve been with us. The website looks great and the features that you have added will help PEN International to continue to carry out our work helping writers at risk and promoting freedom of expression.

Holly, PEN International. March 2014. Website Development.

Thanks again for the work. A job well done.

Adam, Charleston Real Estate Co.. March 2014. Website Development.

The session was absolutely perfect and I now definitely feel confident about building my site.

Carine, Bio Stress Imagery. March 2014. Website Training and Website Development.

The changes you have helped me with on The Jasmine House website have been very impressive. The number of queries and bookings is up a lot. I took 3 bookings yesterday and turned down 2 others because I didn't have the dates available. I've never had that many enquiries in such a short space of time! So YAY and a big THANK YOU.

Jennie, The Jasmine House. October 2013. SEO and Website Development.

You rock!!

Rodney, Property Management of Louisville. August 2013. SEO and Website Development.

Many thanks for the continued high quality work and support (as usual).

Mark, Morgan Cox. July 2013. Website Development.

I'm so amazed by how you quickly solve the problems I created. I value you so much!

Melissa, New Day Organizing. July 2013. Website Development and Website Management.

Thank you for your patience and attention to every detail! You make it so easy to work with you.

Kara, Cocina Verde. May 2013. Website Development.

Thank you for making the changes to my website with such ease and grace - I really appreciate it.

Jennie, Red Dandelion. March 2013. SEO, Website Development and Website Management.

I'm so pleased with the service you provided this year to me! Thank you again!

Cecelia, TaBois Galerie. December 2012. Website Development and Website Management.

Wow!! Thank you so much, my new website looks better than I could possibly imagine! Very very happy!

Melissa, The Sweet Hostess. November 2012. Website Development and Website Management.

Thanks so much for your hard work - my website is beautiful!

Claire, Exposures by Claire. March 2012. Website Development and Website Management.

Thank you very much for your wonderful work! You've been immensely helpful and I am and will be very happily recommending you to people.

Lianka, Gaia Beyond Reiki. December 2011. Website Development and Website Management.

Thank you very much for all your help, excellent experience.

Bob, Previews Realty. August 2011. SEO and Website Development.

You are stars in the darkness of my Galaxy, thank you :)

Ian, Manchester Vegan and Vegetarian Festival. July 2011. Website Development.

We would like to thank you for the work you have done in the last month, and for stretching the budget, we are really happy.

George, Tersus Services. June 2011. AdWords and Website Development.
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