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Ethical Comes First

It’s who we are and how we believe in doing business.
We have built ethical practices and approaches into the very fabric of WebHolism —
whether it’s our business practices, our SEO tactics, or how we approach building a new website.

Ethical Relationships and Business Practices

Your relationship with us is up to you

At any time, if you would like to pause or stop working with us, you are always free to do so. We work on a month-to-month basis with our ongoing clients, and we don’t have any contracts or sneaky fees forcing you to work with us longer than you wish to.

You’re met with kindness and friendliness

We believe in being nice people. We hope this is one of the reasons our clients stick around! We cultivate a warm and supportive atmosphere, where there is no question or problem too big or too small.
We’re here to make your life easier.

You hold the keys

All of the work we do for you belongs to you. If we were ever to part ways, you would continue to maintain control of everything.

You get fair pricing

We are in business to help people. We are not interested in making our services sound super fancy in order to charge more money. You’ll get honesty and transparency from us along with reasonable costs.

Ethical SEO

In the Search Engine Optimisation industry, we talk about “white hat” vs. “black hat” SEO.
We are staunch believers in “white hat” SEO.

This means that the methods we use and recommend are always above board with the search engines and are meant to help people. We follow the rules that Google and the other search engines have set forth, and we respect SEO as the long game that it truly is.

“Black hat” SEO is a methodology that intends to trick the search engines.

Strategies that fit into this category do not consider the welfare of your business long term. Additionally, “black hat” methods are typically unhelpful and unpleasant for your potential customers using Google or landing on your website. We wouldn’t touch “black-hat” SEO with a barge pole.

At the end of the day, ethical SEO really focuses on people.

Building trust in your business and answering people’s questions will help your business win in the long run.
Read more about this in our SEO Basics Guide.

Ethical Website Work

We’ve sadly heard too many stories from our clients who experienced being held hostage by their web developer, and were required to stay with them if they wanted to keep their website. Or they were charged extortionate fees for making the smallest of changes — changes that you could probably make yourself, given access and a little training.
The WebHolism way is different.

We enable you to work with other developers if you need to. We hope that you enjoy working with us (our clients do!), but if you should choose to work with others, we make sure that they can access the areas that they need. And if you would find it helpful, we are happy to teach you how to edit your own website.

Additionally, we love to do good, clean work.
We don’t take damaging shortcuts, and we provide thorough solutions that will last as long as possible for you.

Empowering our Clients

We truly want you and your business to thrive. We feel successful when you are successful.

We are passionate about supporting you in whichever ways you need. What does this look like for our clients? Typically our clients feel empowered when they get guidance or training from us, or if they get to remove responsibilities off their plate.

Guidance Always Available

Want a second opinion or a fresh set of eyes?

When you work with us, we love to share our knowledge and expertise in order to help you in your business efforts.
No question is too small.

Targeted Training

If you want to know how to do something, we are always happy to show you.

We have no secrets, and we absolutely love helping you manage your own website or SEO efforts.

We have had plenty of clients who are new entrepreneurs, for example. They are on a shoestring budget and could really benefit from not paying a web developer for every little thing. A little training, and presto! They can manage without us.

See our training options

Taking Stuff Off Your Plate

Are you or your team overloaded?

We would love to support you by taking care of any or all of your website or SEO tasks. Sometimes you just need a little help from people who know what they’re doing. We are happy to work on the sidelines, handling the website/SEO load while you do your important work.

See monthly SEO solutions

See about website management

Environmental Impact Matters

We get geeky about going green!

Here are some ways we strive to make a positive impact on our planet

We’re carbon neutral.
We use solar panels to power our electrical knick knacks where possible.
We use green hosting.
We bank entirely with ethical financial institutions that do not promote suffering and environmental damage.
We carbon offset through tree planting with the Woodland Trust.
We give a minimum of 5% of our profits to environmental/social charities.

Our Clients
Are Changing the World

We are honoured to have worked with these remarkable companies.

Who Are We?

We have been passionate about SEO and websites for quite a long time.
WebHolism was started in 2006 and after a few years, Sara and Jason left their well-paying software support jobs to work full time at WebHolism, helping businesses get visible online.


Sara is our chief SEO and website trainer, and all-round SEO guru. She has a degree in Electrical Engineering, and before WebHolism she spent years in software support fixing problems for customers.

Got questions about SEO? Sara’s your gal.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Sharing Knowledge so Others Can Thrive

Board Games
Relaxing with Our Puppies, Nano & Lulu


Jason is our hardcore coder. In over a decade at WebHolism, there has never been a problem that Jason couldn’t solve.

With a degree in Computer Science and thousands upon thousands of hours of coding under his belt, if you’ve got a website or SEO issue that involves code, Jason’s your guy.

Eating Organic & Vegan
Fitness & Health

Learning New Things


Crystal has been a small business marketer since 2011. Having helped to create brands, launch new products, and start content marketing efforts, she brings great business context to SEO and web design.

Music Education
The Make-a-Wish Foundation (USA)


Feedback from Our Clients

“Thank you Sara Thornton a.k.a The Web Lady for your generosity with your time and fabulous knowledge. I’m trying to get my head around how to use Google Analytics to best guide me in how apply my time to online marketing for my Art (we all know it is a minefield of rabbit holes we can get lost down) – Sara has been SOOO helpful. She has pretty much given me a mini-business plan with an accountability check-in in a month from now. I adore you. Thank you. ”

– Barbara Graham, Barbara Graham Art

“WebHolism’s work increased our organic traffic significantly, and has helped us also increase conversions. Their knowledge of SEO and customer experience is so vast and I have complete confidence that they are doing things the right way.”

– Crystal, Grassroots Fabric Pots

“Thank you so much, really appreciate it all. Loving the new AH website, loads of great feedback about it from patients too!”

– Philippa Oakley, Acorn Health

“We have been really happy with the service you have provided over the years since you first developed our website.”

– Emma, Green Flowers Florist

“I thought I would approach you, to get a quote [on behalf of a friend] because your products are always beautifully done and your customer service is impeccable 🙂 Honestly, I have worked on a couple of web designs before and therefore had to work with web developers, but none of them compare to your company – so very good!”

– Claire, Claire Kirkham Photography

“Thanks very much for working with us for such a long time on this project – we really appreciate how flexible and understanding you’ve been with us. The website looks great and the features that you have added will help PEN International to continue to carry out our work helping writers at risk and promoting freedom of expression.”

– Holly, PEN International

“Many thanks for the continued high quality work and support (as usual).”

– Mark, Morgan Cox

“Thank you very much for your wonderful work! You’ve been immensely helpful and I am and will be very happily recommending you to people.”

– Lianka, Gaia Beyond Reiki

“The changes you have helped me with on The Jasmine House website have been very impressive. The number of queries and bookings is up a lot. I took 3 bookings yesterday and turned down 2 others because I didn’t have the dates available. I’ve never had that many enquiries in such a short space of time! So yay and a big thank you.”

– Jennie, The Jasmine House

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