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(Search Engine Optimisation)

Get discovered online

We know how confusing and daunting looking for SEO help can be.
Relax, you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe someone told you “You need to be doing SEO.” Maybe you’ve searched Google and you don’t see your website. Maybe you just learned about the term “Search Engine Optimisation” today and it sounds scary. Is SEO just some kind of magic? What would you actually be getting out of it?

Or maybe you’ve tried working with an SEO company before and it was a frustrating experience. There were guarantees and technical terms thrown around. You were never quite sure what they were actually doing for you.

Need a little help?

At the end of the day, you just want to trust someone to show you how to take care of this “stuff.” You need it to be right and you need it to work.

We are here to help.

SEO that covers all the bases

We cover all aspects of SEO that are important to you and your business.
No matter what your goals are, we can show you the SEO routes to help you get there.

In-Depth SEO Analysis & Strategy

Finding and fixing bottlenecks, issues, and Google penalties. Discovering where there are opportunities for growth and sharing recommendations with you.

Website Health Monitoring

Fixing website errors, improving the visitor experience, helping your website load faster, and making tweaks the search engines care about.

Website Analytics

Keeping an eye on your current website traffic and performance. We can also show you how to set goals and conversions so you can easily see the effects of your efforts.

On-Page Optimisation

Making important website pages as readable and desirable as possible for search engines, including things like image optimisation and metadata.

Keyword Research

Understanding what your potential clients or customers are searching for, so your website can resonate and show up in the right places.

Link Building Recommendations

Suggesting good quality, relevant websites that might be interested in promoting your products/services by linking to your website.

User Experience

Analysing what it’s like for a visitor to move through your website, and helping improve their journey. (Google cares about this a lot!)

Competitor Analysis

Understanding how your competition is faring on the web to inform your SEO strategy and possible paths to becoming more visible.

SEO Reports

Showing you how to create reports for the information you want, keeping you up to speed and ahead of the pack.

How is SEO handled at WebHolism?

SEO catered exactly to your business

Looking for more traffic to your website? Wishing that you showed up more often in Google searches? Do you want more sales?

After talking with you about your business, we tailor our SEO approach specifically to your needs. SEO isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Your business is as unique as you are – you have your own vision for success, specific people to reach, and reasons your website is set up as it is. We’re here to help figure out the approach that works best for you.

SEO that is actually effective

Get your website seen in the areas that will get you the biggest bang for your buck.

SEO is not just about ranking in Google for a popular term. We analyse how you show up on the web and find the relevant spots where you can compete and actually see results. We like to call these areas the “hidden gems.” We work to find the sweet spot where your business can get the most out of showing up.

SEO with a holistic approach

If there’s something that’s preventing your SEO goals from happening, we can fix it for you, pass the details to your website developer, or advise actions you can take.

We want you to get the most benefit out of what we do, and sometimes that requires thinking outside the SEO box. SEO is a team player – it likes to be connected to many aspects of your business. If there are things getting in the way of SEO success, we don our Sherlock Holmes hats and get sleuthing.

For example, if your website gets a lot of visitors, but you’re not seeing sales or enquiries to match, then getting more people to your website might not help you very much. In a case like this, we investigate the blockages and work to fix them. Once resolved, we buckle down and get more people to your website.

SEO that is strictly ethical

Trust us to protect your website from rash, trendy, or questionable SEO methods that might do more harm than good.

We want your reputation with the search engines to grow in a strong, stable, and positive direction for the lifetime of your business. We are big advocates for clean and safe ways to do this. Have you ever seen an ad from an SEO company and thought, “That sounds too good to be true?” Big promises and quick-wins make us want to post a sign that says, “Beware!” We are deeply passionate about ethical, sustainable SEO. We safeguard your website from grey-area tactics that can cause long-term harm. (This is a big part of why we do what we do.)

“Thank you very much for all your help, excellent experience.”

– Bob, Previews Realty

“Sara has been SOOO helpful. She has pretty much given me a mini-business plan with an accountability check-in in a month from now.”

– Barbara, Barbara Graham Art

“The changes you have helped me with on The Jasmine House website have been very impressive. The number of queries and bookings is up a lot. I took 3 bookings yesterday and turned down 2 others because I didn’t have the dates available. I’ve never had that many enquiries in such a short space of time! So YAY and a big THANK YOU.”

– Jennie, The Jasmine House