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Let Us Handle Your Search Engine Optimisation

We’d love to take the SEO worries off your shoulders and let you get back to what you do best.
Our SEO approach is ethical and effective, and we make sure to cater it to your specific business needs.

How Do the Monthly Packages Work?

After hearing that you’re interested, we start with a complimentary basic SEO analysis to get a picture of how your website is currently doing. Then we’ll discuss the results with you and provide a quote.

When you’re ready to go, we’ll get to work! We offer a rolling monthly agreement that can be canceled at any time. We understand that circumstances can change, and respect this by giving you the freedom to pause or stop your monthly service with us if you ever need to.

We highly recommend committing to 6-12 months to see results.
SEO is a marathon rather than a sprint. It’s worth doing it right when you’re investing in the future of your website!

What Can I Expect from Your SEO Work?

Great things!
After several months, and depending on the intensity of the package you choose, these are the outcomes we are aiming for:

Improved position on search result pages

We establish the spots on the web that are the best bang for your buck and focus there. We always strive to get to that first page! This just depends on a lot of factors.

More traffic to your website

Increasing organic traffic means that more people are finding you on the search engines.

More of what you need most

Whether sales, leads, conversions, or [your goal here]. We set these goals with you at the beginning of our work.

Of course, these results greatly depend on what you’d like to see for your unique business situation! If you have specific outcomes in mind, we will absolutely work towards those. We love to focus on what your business needs most.

What Exactly Does WebHolism Provide?

Our monthly packages include the following:

Laying the ground work

Business Goal Review

We work with you to understand what your business needs from SEO. Do you want more sales? Leads? Newsletter signups? Knowing your specific needs helps us cater SEO to work for you.

In-depth analysis

We dig deep to find opportunities for growth. We search for current issues, bottlenecks, and Google penalties. Knowing how your business currently sits with the search engines will help create our plan of attack.

Advanced website health check up

We analyse your website’s health in all sorts of technical aspects, including:
• Errors or warnings
• How the URLs are built
• Page speed
• Page quality
• Bounce rate
• Server analysis
• User journeys (This is a fancy way of saying how someone navigates your site.)
• Mobile and tablet experience

Analysis of your current website traffic

We eat data for breakfast! Things (AKA metrics) that we like to measure: keyword ranking, analysis of web page activity, number of visitors, popular keywords used by visitors, geographical locations of visitors, competitor analysis, and social media reports. The goal of all this measurement is to recommend things we can improve, while showing you how they can help your business.

Research upon research

Competitor analysis

Information on how your competitors are faring on the web can help our strategy.

Advanced keyword research

We need to understand what your potential leads, customers, or clients are searching for on the search engines. This will help us finely tune your website to resonate with the right people.

Keyword “gems” discovery

We whittle down some keyword options that are likely to shine for you. These keywords need to reflect your site content, services, or products, and have the opportunity to perform well. This is part of our effective approach to SEO! We want to mine for the “hidden gems” that will actually bring you results.

Recommendations & advice

Strategic SEO advice

We make recommendations to help your business grow. This may relate to any part of your business that has an impact on SEO. This is part of our holistic approach!

Ethical link building recommendations

We will point out good quality, relevant websites that might be interested in promoting your product or service in order to get a link back to your website. When this happens, you score a lot of points with the search engines.

Social media recommendations

If we see an opportunity in regards to your social media presence, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Online reputation management recommendations

Your reputation online is tied up in reviews and other ways people are talking about you. If we see something that can be improved or handled, we’ll point it out.

Getting our hands dirty

Resolving website issues

Your website may have errors or warnings that impact SEO! Examples: 404 errors, duplicate content, or duplicate meta data. (If you don’t know what any of that is, don’t worry! That’s why we’re here.)

Setting up monitoring tools

Based on the business goals we outline with you, we set up tools to keep an eye on your site’s performance. This includes tools like Google Analytics Goals and AdWords Conversions.

Re-writing verbiage

If you’d like help with it, we can optimise the content of your website to be relevant for SEO. This includes proofreading for spelling, grammar, layout, etc.

Optimising URLs

We make sure the addresses of your pages are formatted to make search engines happy.

Optimising Pages

We take your web pages and make them super attractive to the search engines. This includes image optimisation, meta data optimisation, link optimisation, page speed improvement, and analysis of structure and functionality.

Continuously maintaining SEO

We continue to apply ethical, industry-trusted techniques to improve your website’s presence online.

Keeping you in the loop

Mind maps

We put together some visuals for you to see the connection of keywords and individual pages on your website. This also helps highlight things that might be missing.

Monthly tailored SEO reports

We get you the info you want to know about our recent efforts and activity.

What Does It Cost?

In order to make our ethical SEO accessible to all, we offer packages to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes, from Start-Ups to well-established businesses. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Our packages are based on the level of intensity you’d like us to progress your SEO.

Low Intensity
£295 per month

Recommended Minimum Commitment:
12 Months
For when you don’t have a big budget but you want to positively impact the future of your website and your business. We will make progress on your SEO a little every month.

Medium Intensity
£795 per month

Recommended Minimum Length Commitment:
12 Months
For when you’re ready to get moving on your SEO and would like to see the impacts sooner than later. We will make moderate progress on your SEO every month.

High Intensity
£2,495 per month

Recommended Minimum Length Commitment:
6 Months
For when you want a jumpstart and bigger results in a quicker time frame. We will make significant progress on your SEO every month.

Why Do You Charge This Way?

“I’ve seen an SEO company offering exact monthly numbers of specific offerings for a particular price. Why don’t you charge this way?”

SEO is not “one-size-fits-all”.

Our SEO is tailored to your specific business needs. One month of SEO for you will look completely different from SEO for another client because we focus on what’s most important for each business and website.

Some SEO companies spend time on SEO activities that look great on paper but in reality don’t help you where it matters. We’d rather spend time on SEO that makes the biggest impact to your website and your business.

What Will You Need from Me?

To get started, we will need access to several places, including Google Analytics and your website.

When we start working together, we’ll get you a complete list. And if you don’t know how to access certain things, we will help! We’ll get set up and then get out of your way.

We will also need from you:

Details if SEO has been applied to your website in the past

Confirmation of your SEO goals

List of (and any information on) your top competitors

Where your ideal clients are based (locations or countries)

“The changes you have helped me with on The Jasmine House website have been very impressive. The number of queries and bookings is up a lot.”

– Jennie, The Jasmine House

“WebHolism’s work increased our organic traffic significantly, and has helped us also increase conversions. Their knowledge of SEO and customer experience is so vast and I have complete confidence that they are doing things the right way.”

– Crystal, WTB, Inc.

“Thank you very much for all your help, excellent experience.”

– Bob, Previews Realty

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