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The VirtueMart Billing Address “Title” Font is Too Large

Cause: The default “Title” field has a field name of title.  This is picked up by your template CSS as being a “title” class (which it isn’t).

Solution: Duplicate your “Title” field in VirtueMart, making sure that the Field name is not “title”.VirtueMart title font too large

  1. Go to Components -> VirtueMart
  2. Go to the Configuration menu on the left hand side -> Shopper Fields
  3. In the Field Name column, click title (open in a new tab/window so that you can easily copy the settings across to your new title field that you are about to create)
  4. Go back to your original screen (which should still be open, because you opened the current title field in a new tab/window)
  5. Click New
  6. Copy all the settings of the original field (open in your other tab/window) with the exception of FIELD NAME which you should name virtuemart_title (see images below)VirtueMart billing address title font too big - 1VirtueMart billing address title font too big - 2
  7. Save.
  8. In the top left filter box, type title.  This should bring up both the current title field and the new one you just created.
  9. Find the Reorder column, and click the Reorder title (in order to make the order editable).  If you do not click the Reorder title, then you will not be able to reorder the items.VirtueMart reorder shopper fields
  10. Change the order value for your new field, to match the current field.  Then push the little save icon (shown in the screenshot above), to save your changes.
  11. If you refresh your website front end, you will now see two title fields: one original with giant font, and the other is your new field with normal sized font.VirtueMart 2 title fields
  12. Now, go back to your administrator area and unpublish the original title field (tick the box of the original title field, and push the unpublish button in the top right corner), so that you are only left with your new title field.
  13. Refresh your website front end and admire your handiwork. 

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