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Why Are My VirtueMart 2.0 Product Pages Showing Homepage Modules?

It’s a bizarre situation.

You’ve been adding products happily, assigning them to the correct product categories, and filling in all the required fields.  Suddenly you realise that some of your products are displaying with the Homepage template.

Well that’s odd.

You go and check that the Homepage modules are set to only show on the Homepage.  Yup, all set correctly.

So why on earth are a selection of products showing with the Homepage template?

The answer all comes down to your Product Categories.

  1. Check your VirtueMart Categories by going to Components -> VirtueMart, then Product Categories.
  2. If any of your VirtueMart Categories are not directly linked to a VirtueMart category Menu Type in your website Menu structure (i.e. set as a Menu Type of VirtueMart >> Category Layout), then VirtueMart cannot correctly associate a template to that Category, and so defaults to the Homepage template.
  3. If any of your products are tagged with any of these Categories, they will then display the default Homepage layout (including homepage modules) for their Product Page.



  1. List which of your VirtueMart categories are not VirtueMart linked menu items (i.e. is not a menu item, or has a Menu Type of Text Separator rather than VirtueMart >> Category Layout).
  2. Ensure that none of your products are tagged (in the edit product -> Product Categories section) with categories that appear in the above list.  Or, alternatively, add the appropriate categories as menu items with a Menu Type of VirtueMart >> Category Layout.
  3. Your problem should now be fixed.

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