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VirtueMart “Add to cart” Button Doesn’t Work

This is most likely a Javascript conflict issue.

You have 2 options:

  1. Go to Components -> VirtueMart
  2. Click the Configuration button
  3. In the Checkout tab, untick the Display modal popup upon ‘Add to cart’ box
  4. Resolve the Javascript conflict.  More details are available here: and page 5 and page 6 here:

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Sara Thornton

Sara is a Jack (or Jill) of many trades. A web designer and developer, an ethical SEO implementer, an AdWords advocate, as well as being our in house user-guide creator and trainer. In her spare time she loves a bendy/stretchy yoga session, and feels most happy when she's near the ocean (ideally with a ridiculously absorbing book).

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