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VirtueMart Search Product Module Doesn’t Return Any Results – VirtueMart 2.0

Are you having problems getting the VirtueMart Search Product module to work?

Want to show images of your products in the search results?

You’re not alone.  There’s quite a number of forum posts out there on this topic.

To get the VirtueMart Search Product module working:

  1. Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager
  2. From the Select Type drop down on the right, select Search
  3. Find Virtuemart Product and make sure it is published
  4. Next, go to Extensions -> Module Manager
  5. From the Select Type drop down on the right, select VirtueMart Search Product
  6. You should now see a VirtueMart module pop up.  Open it, assign it to a suitable position in your template.  Publish this module.
  7. Next, go to Components -> VirtueMart
  8. Click on Configuration
  9. In the Product Order Settings tab, make sure that in the Available Search Fields (the bottom area) that Product Name is ticked.  Save.
  10. Go to the front end of your website and test out your new search.  You should now be seeing product search results including images.

Sara Thornton

Sara is a Jack (or Jill) of many trades. A web designer and developer, an ethical SEO implementer, an AdWords advocate, as well as being our in house user-guide creator and trainer. In her spare time she loves a bendy/stretchy yoga session, and feels most happy when she's near the ocean (ideally with a ridiculously absorbing book).

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