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cPanel Security Questions Verify But I Still Can’t Log In

Sometimes problems show themselves in bizarre symptomatic ways.

Take this example:


  1. When logging into cPanel, the security questions window (if you’ve got this enabled) appears.
  2. You enter all the correct answers.
  3. The answers are verified as correct.
  4. You click continue, and……..
  5. You’re back at the security questions again.
  6. Wha…?

Don’t worry, you (probably) haven’t been hacked, and this isn’t some crazy cPanel update.

The cause is actually (drum roll please)…..

…..the cPanel account has exceeded it’s disk space allowance!

Talk about bizarre symptoms to a disk overage situation.

To fix the problem, free up some space (either via FTP, or your file manager), or grant the account more space.

Try logging in again, and you should be fine.

NOTE: if you’re deleting items to free up space, it may take 5 or 10 minutes for the cPanel account to update it’s records and acknowledge the new space, so make yourself a banana/pineapple smoothie whilst you wait, and then check that all has righted itself.


Sara Thornton

Sara is a Jack (or Jill) of many trades. A web designer and developer, an ethical SEO implementer, an AdWords advocate, as well as being our in house user-guide creator and trainer. In her spare time she loves a bendy/stretchy yoga session, and feels most happy when she's near the ocean (ideally with a ridiculously absorbing book).

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