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How to Switch Your AdWords MCC To a New Email Address

The Scenerio:

  • You created a personal AdWords account using an embarassing or “not designed for business” email address, such as “”.
  • You later used that AdWords account as an MCC account for your business (“why on earth would you do that?!”  the masses will cry, but as crazy as it sounds, it does happen).
  • As you add Clients to your AdWords MCC account, you realise that your clients can see your email address when they approve your access, and so you promptly create a new, professional Google account, add it as an Administrator user to your MCC account, and breath a sigh of relief.  Professionalism – check.
  • But wait… all is not yet forgiven!  When adding new Clients to your MCC account, the MCC user request is still showing!
  • ARGH!
  • You demote the MCC user from Administrator access to Standard access, but still the problem persists.

The Cause:

  • It would seem that when the Google AdWords MCC account is created, it welds itself to the email address used to create it.
  • Even if you add a new MCC Administrator user, and demote the original user, the MCC account will still continue to hang on to

The Fix:

  • Breathe.
  • Ensure your professional account has been granted MCC Administrator access.
  • Terminate access for
  • This will then force the Google AdWords account to shift the MCC ownership (including associated email address) to your new professional Google account.
  • If you have 3 email addresses with MCC access, then the “ownership email” will shift in the order in which the emails were granted access (regardless of whether the emails have MCC Administrator access or Standard access).
  • You can always re-add as an Administrator to the MCC account after you have terminated it’s access, and the MCC account email ownership should not be affected.

Sara Thornton

Sara is WebHolism's SEO Guide and Trainer. She's the one you'll see in all our YouTube videos, and helping folks out with their SEO queries on social media. She runs the fabulous SEO Clarity Club which teaches women how to do their own SEO. In her spare time she loves board games, and splashing around in the sea.

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