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How to Add a Character Limit To a Contact Form 7 Text Box

Adding a character limit to a Contact Form 7 text box requires a little bit of code to make it work.

The trick:  You can’t use a textarea, it must be just a text field.

The code: text your-name 100/140 will give you a single line text box that is 100 characters wide and has a character limit of 140 characters.

To make the box mandatory, add a * after the texttext* your-name 100/140

It’s as beautifully simple as that.

Sara Thornton

Sara is a Jack (or Jill) of many trades. A web designer and developer, an ethical SEO implementer, an AdWords advocate, as well as being our in house user-guide creator and trainer. In her spare time she loves a bendy/stretchy yoga session, and feels most happy when she's near the ocean (ideally with a ridiculously absorbing book).

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